Learn More About Blue Light

Living Bright Glasses knows how important it is to maintain your eye care and be able to work worry free at computers or devices all day. Enjoy your devices with ease knowing that we can help protect your eyes from harmful artificial blue light. But one question we always get is: Why is artificial blue light so harmful?



What is Blue Light?

Digital screens emit a specific type of blue and violet light. Over exposure to this high energy, short wavelength light can impact eye health.

Eye Disease Risk

Our internal sunglasses AKA the macular pigment, protects eyes from blue light but low macular pigment optical density allows blue light to penetrate causing retina damage, digital eyestrain, cataracts, & AMD.

General Health Risks

Blue light reduces melatonin which disrupts sleep. Night time exposure is linked to depression , obesity, and diabetes.

How to preserve your eye health

Start with the 20-20-20 Rule: Look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Get regular eye checks. Limit time on digital devices. For those who have to use digital devices all day try our blue light blocking glasses